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Database design, development, enhancements and conversions.

  We are experienced in converting applications from Q&A to Sesame and Microsoft Access or to a broader platform using Java and Swing, backed up by a true Relational Database.

We use several cost-cutting tools to do conversions so we can offer low costs and flexible arrangements to clients.  If clients want, they can do some of the work to keep costs down.

These techniques and tools are used to migrate from Q&A and can be used for migrations between other database products.

Software consulting services for small businesses.

  We offer consulting services for database conversions and enhancements.  We have extensive experience with Q&A Windows and Q&A DOS as well as with other database products.  We design everything from databases, forms and reports to programming entire applications.

Tools include a suite of database management and programming utilities.

  A practical base of tools for Q&A databases, including DTFDOCTR, for enabling database administrators to recover, fix, or even enhance their Q&A databases.  As needs arise, new tools are developed, such as utilities and modules for Java and Swing applications.

Many years of experience providing problem resolutions, design and programming support for small businesses.

  Programming experience in:  C++, Snobol, Java, Java using Borland's JBuilder, and others with strange names like APL and Snobol.

Small businesses are delighted with the database tools and application enhancements.
Last modified:05/15/2014