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The English version of Q&A was released initially in September 1993. It was followed by another release in November 1993. The first is known as "4.0", while the second is "4.01".

The second release fixed some bugs in the first release, but there appears to be no documentation about what was fixed and as far as we know, people using the earlier release do not seem to report more or different problems than those using the later release.

To confuse matters further, there were no changes in the manual to reflect the new release; both are identified simply as "4.0". Similarly, version numbers on floppy diskettes and the help and splash screens also do not reflect any difference. Even Microsoft Explorer reports both as version "4.0".

Even though we don't know what bugs were fixed, there is at least one difference which is very visible: the "Help, About" screen is different. In fact, that's the easiest way to tell which version is which. Additionally, both the file dates and the file sizes are different.

If you have the early version, 4.0, should you upgrade to 4.01? We would recommend it simply because Symantec released it for a reason. (At Software Services and Products we have only been using 4.01 and so we cannot speak from personal experience how unstable 4.0 is.)

The QAWIN Compatibility Patch is available for both versions of Q&A for Windows. Therefore, if you have 4.0 and you do not choose to upgrade to 4.01, we can send you (via e-mail) the QAWIN Compatibility Patch for version 4.0.

If you do want to upgrade, it would be easier to upgrade first, and then get the patch for 4.01. If you get the patch for 4.0 and then upgrade to 4.01, you will still need to get the 4.01 patch. We will not charge a second time to send the 4.01 patch but would of course prefer not to have to send both.

These comments pertain to the English version of QAWIN. The German version also has two releases, but the French, Dutch, and Swedish only seem to have been released once.

How can I upgrade Q&A for Windows?

You can purchase upgrades from:

North America

  Professional Computer Technology Associates (PCTA)
100 Jericho Valley Dr
Newtown PA, 18940-3632 USA
Principals: William Halpern, Gordon Meigs
Phone: 215-598-8440
Web Site:

United Kingdom / Ireland / Australia / New Zealand


Keyword Software & Consultancy
6 Asher Drive
Ascot, Berkshire SL5 8LJ UK
Principal: Alec Mulvey
Phone: (+44) 1344-884962
Fax: (+44) 1344-884111
Web Site:

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