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Telephone: 412-521-1577 (land line) or 412-973-9473 (mobile)
6560 Rosemoor St, Pittsburgh, PA 15217-3026

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John T. Dow of Software Services and Products provides several different types of services for small businesses.


Converting Databases

We can convert, migrate and merge databases.  We are experienced in converting applications from Q&A to various products such as Lantica's Sesame, Microsoft Access, and Borland's JDataStore.

We use several cost-cutting tools to do conversions so we can offer low costs and flexible arrangements.  Clients can keep costs down by doing much of the work in collaboration with us.




We have many years of technical and management experience in software systems design and implementation.

We have extensive experience with several database systems, not just Q&A.

We have developed software in numerous programming languages, including C++ and Java, but also others with strange names like APL and Snobol.

At your request, we will e-mail you our resumes.
Last modified:05/15/2014