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QAWIN Compatibility Patch allows Q&A for Windows to run on Windows XP and Windows Vista, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.  No need to quit using Q&A for Windows if upgrading your computer!


Key Features

  • Allows Q&A Windows to run on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT computers. (This pertains only to the 32-bit versions of those operating systems, not the 64-bit version. If you don't know which you have, you probably have the 32-bit version.)

  • Available for English, German, Dutch, Swedish, and French versions of Q&A for Windows.

  • Q&A for Windows running on Windows XP or Windows 2000 has fewer problems than it does on a Windows 98 machine.

QAWin Capabilities


QAWin Compatibility Patch Installation notes:  If possible, just copy the QAWin program and data (an actual installation from your long-lost floppies is not required).  Also, do not worry if the disk drive size is greater than 2 Gb as long as you do a daily backup.  More installation information.


It has been successfully used by over 1,000 people, including many on Windows XP and Windows Vista.


People trying to use Q&A for Windows on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT or Windows 2000 have been disappointed to see it crash immediately. The problem is the QABCL.DLL which this fixes. There are several versions of the patch, depending on your language: English, French, German, Swedish, Dutch.


This fix was developed without support from Symantec.


This is a patch for the Q&A database, not the Q&A Write program (the word processor).  It seems that very few people actually use this program.  Of those, some can use Q&A Write on NT/2000/XP without problem, others can't.  However, several people have reported that a particular version of the QAWrite.exe program does work. The versions of QAWrite and another (patched) version of QAWin can be mixed and work successfully.  If you are interested in using QAWrite, note that when you order the QAWin Compatibility Patch

CAUTION: If you do not already have Q&A for Windows, at this point in history you may be unable to purchase a license. The patch is for those who already have Q&A for Windows and wish to continue to use it a bit longer.

Order the QAWIN Compatibility Patch - $50.00.


Last modified:05/15/2014