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If you have the QAWin Compatibility Patch on your new or upgraded computer, you should be able to use QAWin for years to come.  However, you won't be able to use it forever and you may be outgrowing it already. Here's a brief list of options you could consider for your next step.


1. Convert to Sesame.  We can assess your databases for problems that would be encountered during conversion, including problems with field names and data that needs cleaning up.  We can also help by doing part or all of the conversion.


2. Convert to a database other than Sesame. In this case, you need the same assessment mentioned above. We can help you with the actual conversion and because we have extensive experience with some other databases we might be able to do it for you.


3. Take a major step and move away from the "end user databases" such as Q&A, Sesame, File Maker Pro, and Access.  We have experience converting Q&A Windows to an "industrial strength" application with fully relational databases and a true client/server model. Read about JAVA as our preferred solution.
Last modified:05/15/2014