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QAWin Information

Q&A for Windows (qawin.exe) is remarkably stable and free from bugs, given that it was developed in 1993 and has had no maintenance since then by Symantec.

It is a 16-bit Windows program, developed for Windows 3.1.  Probably because it is being run now on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, which in some ways are substantially different from Windows 3.1, there are several problems that are seen infrequently.

This is a list of the problems I am aware of.  For each, I indicate the frequency of occurrence, the solution if any, and the harm caused, if any.  I have omitted several problems that have only been reported once on the grounds that they are probably not actually QAWin related.

1. Fails to start 


Description: QAWin starts but hangs after only partially "painting" itself on the desktop.
    Solution: Reboot
    Frequency: Less than 1% of users report it happens sporadically.
    Harm: No damage caused to any database.
2. Fails to start
    Description: QAWin doesn't start, no error message
    Solution: Regional negative currency setting has "-" to the right of the amount.
    Frequency: Has happened to several people in Holland.
    Harm: None.
3. Fails to start
    Description: QAWin doesn't start, no error message.
    Solution: Change first language from Spanish to English, or from Dutch to Dutch(Belgium).
    Frequency: Happened once in Puerto Rico and once in Belgium.
    Harm: None.
4. Fails to exit
    Description: QAWin closes the database, but then won't exit.
    Solution: Reboot.
    Frequency: Less than 1% of users report it happens sporadically.
    Harm: No damage caused to any database.
5. Aborts
    Description: 06A8 error when making a design change (such as a form change or a report).
    Solution: Make a backup before redesigning.
    Frequency: Less than 1%.
    Harm: Sometimes copying the design and data works, and sometimes the database cannot be repaired.
6. Can't access all features of a printer
    Description: QAWin either doesn't see all printer options (such as paper sizes) or it doesn't remember which you've selected.
    Solution: Changing the printer default temporarily sometimes works.
    Frequency: Less than 1% of users report this.
    Harm: No damage caused but some print jobs may not be possible.
7. Aborts
    Description: Changing a field when using a drop down list box (generated by a restrict spec) causes QAWin to abort.     
    Solution: Redesign database?
    Frequency: 4 people have reported this.
    Harm: Apparently none.
8. Cannot print
    Description: Aborts in QABCL.DLL.
    Solution: Do not use Lexmark E210 or Samsung ML-1210 printers.
    Frequency: Whenever these printers are used.
    Harm: None.
9. Aborts
    Description: Message - "memory could not be written."  Only on Windows XP; exact error varies somewhat.
    Solution: Wait a few days and try again, reinstall XP. It seems to spontaneously correct itself.
    Frequency: About 10 people have reported this.
    Harm: None.

Last modified:05/15/2014