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1. What version of Q&A for Windows do you have?

Different versions of Q&A for Windows (also known as "QAWin") require different versions of the QAWin Compatibility Patch.

How do you know what version of QAWin you have? When you click on the link to order the QAWin Compatibility Patch, you will be asked a series of questions. This will determine exactly which version you have.



How to put QAWin on your new computer

Assuming you determine that you have the correct version of Q&A for Windows. How do you actually get it installed on to your new computer?  There are several ways. Try them in this order.

2a. If you can copy the C:\QAWIN folder from your old computer, do so. Then you don't have to go through an installation procedure. (Q&A puts no files into your Windows directories and does nothing to the registry.)
2b. If you can't copy the C:\QAWIN folder from your old computer, try to install it from your floppy disks if you still have them.
2c. If you can't copy it and you can't install from your floppies (maybe they've gone bad after sitting on the shelf all these years), go here to learn how to purchase a replacement disk or even new licenses.
  Detailed instructions for installing QAWin and the patch.


The large drive problem

In my personal opinion you do not need to partition your hard drive so you can put your databases in a partition smaller than 2 Gig.

First, Q&A DOS really has a problem with large drives. In fact, the likelihood of a problem is quite high. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. I say this based on my own experience and from the experience of many others.

I have seen situations where for some period of time there appeared to be no problem, then it suddenly materialized and the databases could not be accessed until a solution was provided. If Q&A DOS does not have a problem and you wait for one to arise, you run the risk of severe database corruption. I strongly advise against doing that with Q&A DOS. On my own computer, Q&A DOS has in the past caused problems on a large drive. At the moment, it seems ok, but I'm not going to chance it.

On the other hand, I and many others have not found any problem running QAWin on large drives. I think the risk of a problem is exceedingly low. I tell people that if they do good backups on a daily basis, they probably don't have to be concerned about running QAWin with databases on a large drive. Of course, it's always their decision, not mine.

I personally have a large drive and use 2GBFIX to protect Q&A DOS but nothing for Q&A for Windows. (2GBFIX is similar to lesspace but it's available at no charge and is not crippled if not registered. You can download it from my site by clicking here. Remember that 2GBFIX is only for Q&A DOS, not Q&A for Windows.)


Order the QAWin Compatibility Patch

Finally, QAWin simply will not run on Windows XP, NT, or 2000 without the QAWIN Compatibility Patch, which you can order here.


Last modified:05/15/2014