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Reference & Resources

  • Lantica has released a new database, Sesame, aimed at the Q&A user market.
  • The source for Q&A products in North America is Professional Computer Technology Associates.  This is where you'll find Bill Halpern, the CEO of Lantica.
  • If you haven't been there already, you must go to the home page for the National Q&A Users Group.  Here you find information, files to download, and links to Q&A experts.
  • If you're in Europe, visit Alec Mulvey at Keyword Software & Consultancy.  He's a Q&A expert and is also rumored to be pretty good at Access as well. He's the source for Q&A products in England, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • JBuilder and JDatastore are products of Borland: Leading Provider of Technology for Software Applications.
Last modified:05/15/2014